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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Puppet Seller in CP Delhi

Mr Sahay - Puppet Seller CP, Delhi

Few Days ago while roaming CP with a friend I met a Sales Man With Puppet!!!!!

I saw him last saturday around 6.30 pm in F block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place. He is Well Dressed wearing ironed full-sleeved shirt which is tucked into trouser that has a black leather belt and a stick to support his steps.

His hand is covered with a puppet gloves which make a "PPPPPIIIIPPPP" sound that enables him to attract passerby.

I was curious to know about his life, what I got to know ! I wanted to share with all!

Let's meet Mr Sahay he is a live example for the people who are scared from struggle, he is 75 and still working.

At this age he commutes daily from Rohtak with a bag full of puppets and a water bottle which is heavier & makes it uneasy for him to even walk.

He has a railway pass which enable him to commute daily from Rohtak. He earns for his wife, married daughter and her children.

He happens to be a Retired Bank manager, he had a son who did chartered accountancy, he had spent all his fortune for his sons carrier.

His son moved to Bahrain, UAE without informing him and after some time a news came to him that his son had died in an accident, now he was the sole bread earner for his family, and he had already spent all his fortune on his son!!!

Please buy a pair of puppet which cost Rs 40 to support Mr.Sahay! Not for Sympathy but to Salute Mr Sahay !!!!!

Next time whenever you visit CP, please be generous and do salute Mr Sahay by buying a puppet for him, the puppet you buy is just to support him and may not necessarily be for your need.

Hats off to you Mr Sahay!!!!! We salute you spirit

Will be adding more and reblogging this story as and when this updates

Also lets also make it a point not to interview Mr Sahay every time, for it would be not appreciable that anyone who meets him asks him about his whereabouts and his bad time

(Contribution to this post is from FB User's Anand Rai & Others & am thankful to them for the same)


  1. wow ur article is truly an eye opener .... glad to see people like you have the heart to sit and understand people like Mr Sahay ....

  2. Correct me if I am wrong...but if he was working in some bank then after retirement he must be getting pension. We also met him This October and bought some small bags. This is just a curiosity take it positively.

  3. I would like to support his effort by some way or other ...