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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Indianism - Learning English

Indianism refers to words or expressions exclusive to Indian English. We use Indianism so often in our lives that if we were to correct then, it becomes tough.

Let us try and sneak peek into the most famous Indianisms in English language.


Do people have bad names?

Not that they don’t but do you ever say  “What your bad name?”. No, right.

It is a literal transformation from “aapka shubh naam kya hain?” and very commonly used..No denying the fact that I have used it too.


Are there unreal one? Even if they are then what do they signify? Actually in India we call our immediate as real brother or sister and others as cousin brother and sisters. In the outer world there is either brother /sister or cousin.


We so often use it happened so many years back. OOPSS…..we did not travel back in time.

It ought to be years ago.

Sleep is coming

Now this is really funny. Though very seldom used by people but yes cannot be ignored.

Again literal transformation from ‘Neend AA rahi hain ‘ to ‘Sleep is coming’. Now this is dangerously amusing …..

Discuss About

Tomorrow the meeting is scheduled for five o clock in which we will discuss about…”

Stop! You made a mistake, discuss itself means to talk about  then how does “ We will talk about about make sense”?

But he she, you and I, all make this mistake .

I am glad we discussed about it, and will not repeat in future. Well I doubt that, as my previous line is a reflection. Uffff!!!!


Let us order for a pizza!

Kindly omit the for in the above line, they don’t go together.


Initially an Indianism is now a mandatory word in our dictionaries. Looking at it , you do think that it does make sense as prepone and postpone go complementary.

Though we have talked about a few of them but still I believe it is India’s individuality.

This is India’s version that is unique and we own it . And why back off from coining new words?

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