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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mohd Akbar - The Disabled Rickshaw Puller at Badarpur, Delhi @ 8860648292

Mohd Akbar - The Disabled Rickshaw Puller at Badarpur, Delhi

As a part of my daily routine enroute to work I daily have to board a rickshaw from Badarpur to my office, which is about a 10 min drive on a rickshaw, as always today as well got off the DTC bus and boarded the first possible rickshaw, as the puller started to pull, my attention drew towards his movements which were rather awkward and leaning from side to side, the it came to my notice that the puller is disabled, as relevant from the attached pictures, the puller had a problem in his right leg and miserable it was approximately about 4 inches short of the other leg, as I spoke to him he narrated that approximately 12 years ago he had met with an accident which led him to disability, also that the poor chap cannot walk and carries a crutch to aide walking, he has 3 kids, two daughters and son along with his wife, and he is the sole bread earner of his family.

He says that it is a hell job for him to walk and with this disability is barely able to walk or carry his chores, but yet, on the stronger side he decided not to be a beggar but to earn his livelihood through his hard work, the work not only for himself but also to support his family. He proudly claimed that he is the sole bread earner and a very hard worker, pulling his rickshaw all day long ferrying passengers, and yes he does pull pretty fast!!!

We indeed should show our appreciation to such people who are striving extremely hard to earn their livelihood inspite of their disability.

To all my readers and colleagues, if you are taking a rickshaw from Badarpur Border, then please spare a minute of your precious time to see for this guy, as any money given to him is not only the fare that he has hard earned, but also an appreciation from you.

I believe and recommend that we should give something extra to such people, you may always call him on 8860648292 and seek a ride.

I wish him all the best and wish that the Almighty rewards him for his endurance.

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