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Monday, 23 December 2013

Mehsoos khud ko tere bina - Yeh Junoon - Shootout at Wadala - MP3

A Beautiful song with words that go right through, very well expressed and indeed extremely touchy, It is an expression of love from a partner to the other and indeed one who sends or dedicates this is asking Love and pure love.

The Video:

Listen to It:

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The Lyrics:
Yeh Junoon Lyrics

Mehsoos khud ko tere binaa
Maine kabhi kiya nahi
Tu kya jaane lamha koi
Maine kabhi jiya nahi
Ab jo mile hain tto, shiqve gile naa ho
Bas ishq ho, bas ishq ho...
Ab jo hanse hain tto, aansu koi naa ho
Bas ishq ho, bas ishq ho...

Ye junoon mera mujhe le jaaye kahaan, kahaan...
Rab tujh mein ab pa raha hun main yahaan, yahaan...
Ab jee lu teri hi aankhon mein ye jahaan, jahaan...
Tu gaya tto roya tha sang mere aasmaan, aasmaan...

Yaadon mein raha tujh se ho kar main juda
Ab tanha mujhe naa chhodna
Khwabon ne kaha chehre se ab ye mere
Ye nazarein kabhi naa modnaa

Ab jo mile hain to, shiqve gile naa ho
Bas ishq ho...

Phir se qareeb aa.. mere naseeb aa..
Hai ye duaa, hai ye duaa
Dil ne mere kahaaa.. tera rahoon sadaa..
Hai ye duaa, Hai ye duaa..

Ye junoon mera
Mujhe le jaaye kahaan, kahaan...
Rab tujh mein ab pa raha hun
Main yahaan, yahaan..
Ab jee loon teri hi aankhon mein
Ye jahaan, jahaan..
Tu gaya tto roya tha sang mere
Aasmaan, aasmaan...

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